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Amor Et Mortem: A Foray Into the Phantasmagoria of Everyday Living by a Polytheistic Priestess and Champion of the Humanities
Katakhanas is not only a priestess in the Fellowship of Isis; she is also one of the first people to have ever hosted a ritual to Set at a Pagan Pride Day event. (No small feat!)

The Art of Setken
Setken is a fantastic visual artist who is Kemetic and a Companion of Set. He also writes and performs music, in addition to having some of his work appear in actual Egyptology books!

Ekunyi’s Embers: Sparks of Passion and Strength
Ekunyi identifies as Kemetic and is an ordained w’ab priest of Set and Bast in the House of Netjer. Her website features some truly fantastic original art, music, and poetry.

Ethical Chaos
Believe it or not, my friend Smarmy identifies as both a Setian and a Christian at the same time. Her website offers a great deal of good, honest food for thought. Praise Jesus, and Hail Set!

Typhonian Tomes: Being a Guide to the Works of Kenneth Grant
This offers an objective look at the writings of Kenneth Grant, founder of the Typhonian Order, who was one of Set’s most ardent followers in the 20th century.

Words and Images of Joan Lansberry
Joan Lansberry is a poet, author, and artist. She is the author of Images of Set: Changing Impressions of a Multi-Faceted God (Mandrake, 2013), and she identifies as a Kemetic.

Non-Setian Links of Interest

The Donkey Sanctuary
Donkeys are my favorite Setian animals, and they suffer so much abuse all across the world. This agency works to improve their quality of life, and you can help with even a small donation!

The Foundation for Critical Thinking
There aren’t enough people in the world thinking logically today. This non-profit organization hopes to address the issue by promoting educational reform. So much intellectual stimulation!

Queer Majority
An online magazine published for the queer community, featuring discussions of how to move society toward greater sexual freedom and equality. There are some great articles to read here!
The world is a dangerous place, and it pays to be prepared for emergencies (both natural and human-made). This website features a ton of information that just might save your life some day!

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