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Occult Cinema

Occult Cinema

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (Dimension Films, 1995)

The Monster Film as Mythos
“I believe Set and other Pagan gods like to reveal themselves through popular cultural media, and in ways that are more often subliminal than not.”

Too Many Mumm[ies]
The Mummy is pro-Pagan in its insistence that the ancient Egyptian religion is true and continues to have power and currency today.”

Set On Screen
“Popular culture has appropriated and taken so much liberty with Set over the years that most people only know about Him from reading comic books or watching science fiction TV shows.”

The Stuff Nightmares Are Afraid of
“By attacking Ra, Apep isn’t just posing a cosmic threat against the Creator; it’s also posing a personal threat against all creatures that sleep and dream.”

Gorgo the Irish Feminist Sea-Dragon
“Bearing this in mind, Mama Gorgo is a perfect cinematic avatar for Taweret, and watching this film is like watching the Great Female crush the racist capitalist patriarchy beneath Her cute, stubby toes.”

On Rosemary’s Baby, the Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership
“As with any witch hunt in history, no evidence was required; countless people were thrown in prison and prohibited from seeing their children just on the basis of rumors and hearsay.”

Halloween: When the Barriers Are Down
“I think it’s important to keep the true spirit of Halloween alive as much as we can, and despite being fictional, Michael Myers and Conal Cochran are both excellent reminders as to why.”

A Setian Exegesis of John Carpenter’s The Thing
“Otherness has been painted red and given devil horns for Set knows how long, but true evil is the desire to exterminate otherness, to eliminate whatever is different.”

Ishtar’s Final Conflict With “The Man”
“Kate Reynolds was clearly meant to be the savior of humanity in this film from its very conception; and in casting her as such, The Final Conflict offers us a most unexpected soteriology.”

What Are You Afraid Of? It’s Only Rock & Roll!
“But after a while, I learned that art can still be deeply meaningful and magical even if the person who created it is not who (or what) I want them to be.”

Dehumanizing the Other in Stan Winston’s Pumpkinhead
“If there is any message to be gained from viewing Pumpkinhead, I think it’s the message that viewing oneself as ‘superior’ to others is evil and can only lead to bad things.”

Halloween Is Back, And It’s About Time
“This isn’t just some run-of-the-mill slasher movie. Here we are shown how one night of terrible violence can still affect people several decades afterwards (even if they weren’t born yet at the time!).”

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