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General Paganism

General Paganism


The Truth About the “Whore of Babylon”
“Perhaps the greatest ‘death’ Ishtar causes is not that of the body but that of the ego, which can be a terrifying experience for megalomaniacs like Gilgamesh.”

The Great Female, or When God is a Hippopotamus
“But most importantly to me, Taweret is a ‘monstrous’ divinity who was born of chaos and who exhibits chaotic traits, but who uses Her chaotic powers to defend the cosmic order, not to un-create it.”

Walpurgisnacht: The Other Halloween
“It’s most often observed in continental Europe by wearing scary costumes, lighting huge bonfires, and making all kinds of godawful racket to scare away the evil spirits.”

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!
“The lesson of Friday the Thirteenth is that all things must change and be transformed, without exception. Nothing will ever remain the same, which is a painful thing for most people.”

An LV-426 Perspective on the Qliphoth
“Soulless and bodiless, these vampiric entities do whatever they can to intrude upon our reality and feed on the psychological traumas of the living.”

The Underworld
“The Egyptians expected to be judged for things like murder, rape, and stealing food that’s been offered to the gods, not for their theological opinions or beliefs.”

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