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An LV-426 Walpurgisnacht Hootenanny

Saturday, April 30, 2005

The city of Houston fell under siege to a bizarre sect known only as LV-426. Heads were turned and jaws were dropped as two strapping young lads of Sutekh took to the streets. No slice of pepperoni pizza was safe; no vintage record shop could run; no 1970s folk horror movie could hide. But lo, musical instrument shops had it the worst by far; for Setís crazed servants did ecstastically hammer on drums, strum on electric guitars, and scream psalms to His Majesty on microphones turned up to 11 in full public view. Never before had such madness been seen or endured by the community, and the dark wizards soon vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared, like a nightmare before the break of day. No evidence remains of the outlandish lunacies that were witnessed on that fateful Walpurgis Nightónot even a photograph.