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A brief introduction of myself, with additional materials for those who have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • Setianism: A Brief Introduction (PDF)
    “If other religions resemble flocks of docile sheep, then Setians are like wild donkeys who refuse to be herded or domesticated. Set demands self-determination from His followers, not blind obedience!”

  • Setianism: A Brief Introduction (Printer-Friendly PDF)
    “Other faiths view humanity as mere ‘property’ or ‘playthings’ for the gods, but Setians believe each person is sovereign over him or herself.”

  • Religion in Ancient Egypt
    “The Egyptians didn’t have a specific word for ‘religion,’ but the closest equivalent was Ma’at, which means ‘what is right’ or ‘what is justified.’”

  • The Egyptian God Set
    “Since He is immortal in a continuous sense and has the power to kill other gods, Set is the perfect warrior to protect the world from Apep.”

  • The LV-426 Tradition
    “Each of us is proof for the others of Set’s providence, and Alien is an excellent parable for our own private quests against the Serpent.”

  • Glossary of Terms
    Brief definitions for some of the terms I use throughout this website.

Sermons on Setianism
A collection of sermons pertaining to the religion of Setianism and its adherents.

  • Praise the Red Lord
    “The rest of the world may curse Your names, but I give You praise, for I know that nothing—not even the Creator—can exist without You, save for the accursed Serpent.”

  • Set is a Savior, Not a Devil
    “If Big Red is ‘Satanic’ when it’s between Him and Osiris and/or Horus, then He’s really quite Christian when it’s between Him and Apep.”

  • Seven Steps For a Setian Ritual
    “These steps are not intended to be lauded as ‘dogma’ by anyone, but are offered here as a starting point for newcomers who have no idea how to even begin.”

  • Set’s Sacred Critters
    “What better totem animal to represent the mighty Red Lord than a floppy-eared underdog that refuses to be bossed around (and that’ll crush your skull with its hind legs if you even dare to try)?”

  • An Execration Ceremony
    “Now it was time to conjure the dragon and kill it together as a tribe—as a constellation brought together by Set from across the Earth.”

  • An Astral Pilgrimage
    “Should you wish to divine some kind of message, you might respectfully request that Set reveal some mystery to you. If He agrees, you just might hear whispers coming from the statue’s mouth....”

  • Happy Egyptian New Year!
    “There are all kinds of ways to celebrate Egyptian New Year, but being outdoors and beneath the stars with a bunch of woodland critters is my personal favorite.”

  • Set and the Greek Typhon: Are They the Same?
    “So are Set and Typhon one and the same entity? Pan-culturalists might say ‘Yes,’ and hard polytheists might say ‘No’—but who can ever know for sure?”

  • My Daily Prayers
    “O Divine Foreigner! O Bringer of Storms! We bid You, come forth from Your Desert above and greet us as Your servants and friends!”

  • The Many Names of Set
    “The following is my attempt at explaining what some of Big Red’s names actually mean (or at the very least, what they mean to me personally).”

  • A Typhonian Soteriology
    “When we perform this Great Work, we are saving our own little parts of the world. With our Holy Father, salvation becomes a team effort; our victories are His, and His victories are ours!”

  • Khepesh: The Holy Iron of Set
    “Just as the sacramental bread and wine at a Catholic mass can become the actual body and blood of Christ, so too can people and objects with Typhonian properties be “filled” with the force of Khepesh.”

Sermons on General Paganism
A collection of sermons pertaining to Pagan topics that are not necessarily Setian or Setian-related.

  • The Truth About the “Whore of Babylon”
    “Perhaps the greatest ‘death’ Ishtar causes is not that of the body but that of the ego, which can be a terrifying experience for megalomaniacs like Gilgamesh.”

  • The Great Female, or When God is a Hippopotamus
    “But most importantly to me, Taweret is a ‘monstrous’ divinity who was born of chaos and who exhibits chaotic traits, but who uses Her chaotic powers to defend the cosmic order, not to un-create it.”

  • Walpurgisnacht: The Other Halloween
    “It’s most often observed in continental Europe by wearing scary costumes, lighting huge bonfires, and making all kinds of godawful racket to scare away the evil spirits.”

  • Happy Friday the Thirteenth!
    “The lesson of Friday the Thirteenth is that all things must change and be transformed, without exception. Nothing will ever remain the same, which is a painful thing for most people.”

  • An LV-426 Perspective on the Qliphoth
    “Soulless and bodiless, these vampiric entities do whatever they can to intrude upon our reality and feed on the psychological traumas of the living.”

  • The Underworld
    “The Egyptians expected to be judged for things like murder, rape, and stealing food that’s been offered to the gods, not for their theological opinions or beliefs.”

  • My Understanding of Magic
    “[Most] people scoff at the idea of anyone believing in magic here in our contemporary times. But there is a difference between thinking magic is effective and thinking it is necessarily ‘supernatural.’”

Sermons on Occult Cinema
A collection of sermons pertaining to films and TV shows that have been “touched” by the gods.

  • The Monster Film as Mythos
    “I believe Set and other Pagan gods like to reveal themselves through popular cultural media, and in ways that are more often subliminal than not.”

  • Too Many Mumm[ies]
    The Mummy is pro-Pagan in its insistence that the ancient Egyptian religion is true and continues to have power and currency today.”

  • Set On Screen
    “Popular culture has appropriated and taken so much liberty with Set over the years that most people only know about Him from reading comic books or watching science fiction TV shows.”

  • The Stuff Nightmares Are Afraid Of
    “By attacking Ra, Apep isn’t just posing a cosmic threat against the Creator; it’s also posing a personal threat against all creatures that sleep and dream.”

  • Gorgo: The Irish Feminist Sea-Dragon
    “Bearing this in mind, Mama Gorgo is a perfect cinematic avatar for Taweret, and watching this film is like watching the Great Female crush the racist capitalist patriarchy beneath Her cute, stubby toes.”

  • On Rosemary’s Baby, the Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership
    “As with any witch hunt in history, no evidence was required; countless people were thrown in prison and prohibited from seeing their children just on the basis of rumors and hearsay.”

  • Halloween: When the Barriers Are Down
    “I think it’s important to keep the true spirit of Halloween alive as much as we can, and despite being fictional, Michael Myers and Conal Cochran are both excellent reminders as to why.”

  • A Setian Exegesis of John Carpenter’s The Thing
    “Otherness has been painted red and given devil horns for Set knows how long, but true evil is the desire to exterminate otherness, to eliminate whatever is different.”

  • Ishtar’s Final Conflict With “The Man”
    “Kate Reynolds was clearly meant to be the savior of humanity in this film from its very conception; and in casting her as such, The Final Conflict offers us a most unexpected soteriology.”

  • What Are You Afraid Of? It’s Only Rock & Roll!
    “But after a while, I learned that art can still be deeply meaningful and magical even if the person who created it is not who (or what) I want them to be.”

  • Dehumanizing the Other in Stan Winston’s Pumpkinhead
    “If there is any message to be gained from viewing Pumpkinhead, I think it’s the message that viewing oneself as ‘superior’ to others is evil and can only lead to bad things.”

  • Halloween Is Back, And It’s About Time
    “This isn’t just some run-of-the-mill slasher movie. Here we are shown how one night of terrible violence can still affect people several decades afterwards (even if they weren’t born yet at the time!).”

  • The Amityville Error
    “If it seems I am being too hard on the Lutzes and their fellow conspirators, it’s because their little hoax was just one of several that fed into the Satanic Panic of the 1980s.”

Sermons on Society & Politics
A collection of sermons on secular topics that don’t necessarily involve religion.

  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Discuss Politics
    “The best we can hope for is to keep secular government by the people, for the people alive, and to curb religion’s influence on public policy as much as possible.”

  • Paula White Gives Great Headache
    “Even prisoners on death row get better treatment than this, when you stop to think about it; so what do you suppose Jesus would say about that, Paula?”

Sermons on Other Stuff
A collection of sermons on subjects that won’t fit anywhere else.

  • A Wedding Ceremony (October 2015)
    “May all those whom we have loved and lost come forth and join us this night to share in our warmth, and to celebrate this sacred joining of two families into one.”

  • Love and Death
    “Go with Jesus…Go with Jesus to his heaven. And may Set keep you safe as you go, ridding all monsters and evil things from your path.”

  • Dealing with the Abrahamic Pantheon
    “We have no more reason to doubt the existence of Yahweh or Jesus (or even Satan) than we do to doubt the existence of Set, Persephone, or Quetzalcoatl.”

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